Scientific Conferences


The Polish Radiation Research Society organized or co-organized many scientific conferences and meetings. The most important of them include:


Krakow, 1981:

     16thAnnual Meeting of the European Society for Radiation Biology (ESRB)

Krakow, 1995:

     International Seminar ‘100 years of discovery of X-rays by W.C.Roentgen’

Krakow, 1997:

     ‘Radioactivity: Risk and Hope’, the conference on the 130th Anniversary of the Birth of Maria Skłodowska-Curie and 100th Anniversary of the Discovery of Polonium and Radium.

Warsaw, 2000:

     30thAnnual Meeting of the European Society for Radiation Biology (ESRB)

Warsaw, 2011:

     14thInternational Congress of Radiation Research – ICRR’2011



National Scientific Meetings


The National Scientific Meetings of the Society are held every three years. Thus far, eighteen meetings have been organized at the following locations: Warsaw (1969), Poznan (1971), Lodz (1973), Krakow (1976), Warsaw (1979), Wroclaw (1983), Lodz (1986), Poznan (1989), Krakow (1992), Warsaw (1995), Siedlce (1998), Krakow (2001), Lodz (2004), Kielce (2007), Siedlce (2010), Bialowieza (2013), Siedlce (2016), and Kielce (2019). On average, about 150 participants attended per meeting. The majority of the presentations came from the fields of  radiation chemistry, radiobiology and radiotherapy, radiation protection, nonionizing radiation and bioelectromagnetism.