Polish Radiation Research Society

memorial to Maria Skłodowska-Curie


The Polish Radiation Research Society (PRRS) is a professional organisation of scientists who are interested in the studies of irradiated matter and in practical applications of ionizing and nonionizing radiation. The mission of the Society is to promote, support, and popularize the development of radiation research. The Society provides opportunities for an exchange of ideas among its members, and fosters links between the scientific community and the general public. It also plays a unique educational role by organizing open seminars and ‘schools’ devoted to various aspects of ionizing and nonionizing radiation. The Society promotes international collaboration in radiation research and supports participation of its members in important scientific events. The PRRS is a member of the International Association for Radiation Research (IARR).

Address for correspondence:

Polish Radiation Research Society
Central Laboratory for Radiological Protection
7 Konwaliowa St., 03-194 Warsaw
Phone: + 48 22 542 12 24; Fax: + 48 22 542 13 09
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