How to get from Warsaw Chopin Airport to Hotel Ibis Warsaw Stare Miasto (Old Town):

From Warsaw Chopin Airport: take the bus 175 and get off at the Foksal stop. From the same bus stop take the bus 116, 503 or 518 and get off at the Muranowska stop. The entrance to the Hotel is just next to the bus stop in case 116 and 518 lines or cross the street in case of 503 line. The tickets are available and on the buses as well (driver or vending machines).


Public transportation tickets:

Tickets are available in the booths at the airport as well as on the vending machines (on the buses or sometimes at the bus stops). All tickets are valid in all means of transportation. The prices may be checked at the public transportation website:



The prize of journey from the airport to the Ibis Hotel should be less than 50 zł. There are chosen Taxi corporation at the airport: ELA TAXI, SUPER TAXI, SAWA TAXI and they are more trustworthy.


Money exchange:

Do not do that at the airport, because of weak rate. At the city center You can find dozen of exchange offices (although some problem may be on the Sunday afternoon). It is better is to use ATM machines.



Warsaw is completely safe city, more than Paris or Rome. You can walk everywhere at day or night. Of course normal precautions can only help.


How to get from Hotel Ibis Warsaw Stare Miasto to Institute of Nuclear Chemistry and Technology:

Thebus stop is just in front of the Hotel there.Take bus 518 and get off the bus at the Konwaliowa stop. And then follow the map: